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MPVs or Multi Purpose Vehicles have, of late, been quite popular in India. Going by the number of auto manufacturers who are launching in this segment, it is clear that there is interest and potential sales happening. This had already been proven by the success of models like Toyota Innova, Maruti Ertiga and Chevrolet Enjoy. Other newer launches like Nissan Evalia, Tata Aria, Renault Lodgy and Honda Mobilio also have had moderate successes too. Also check Datsun go plus Price in India, Specifications, Mileage, Reviews, Images, features

Datsun Go+ MPV

Datsun Go Plus

Entering the fray is a brand new MPV, the Datsun Go Plus. As to whether it will be received well in the Indian market will depend on whether it can beat the competition and be the most affordable MPV among them all. Taking after the looks of the Datsun Go hatchback, it is difficult to make out the difference from the front. It is only when the side profile comes to view that the MUV characteristic is obvious. But then, the company has made it clear that the focus will be on affordability and providing value for the money.

Hence, in many aspects, it becomes clear that the Go Plus is more an extension of the Go rather than a full blow MPV. Many specifications prove this point. For instance, the wheelbase is the same as the hatch. Also, the exterior also is a carryover from the Go what with the grille and headlight console looking identical. The same goes for the bumper as well. So much so, there is a surprising absence of an alloy wheel option even in the top end variant.


  • Overall Length 3995 mm
  • Overall Width 1635 mm
  • Overall Height 1485 mm
  • Wheelbase 2450 mm


The cabin gives a spacious feel with the first two rows with adequate bench and leg room. The last row can only accommodate children. The dashboard looks a lot like the Go hatch and is devoid of many features standard on cars like steering controls and adjustment options, seat adjustment features, touchscreen with navigation facility etc. The absence of safety features like airbags and ABS even in the premium variants surely is a concern.


Datsun GO+ is not available in diesel. As of now the car is available in only petrol, which is powered by a 1198cc, DOHC, 12 Valve, 3 Cylinders in-line engine, which develops maximum power of 67.1 bhp @ 5000 rpm and maximum torque of 104 Nm @ 4000 rpm. The engine is mated to a 5-Speed manual gearbox and the company claimed mileage of Datsun GO+ petrol is 20.62 kmpl. It is expected that a 1461cc diesel engine may be launched in the coming months with maximum power of 64 BHP and maximum torque of 160 Nm.

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